Is it me or them? I’m not so sure.

I like Tommy. He’s funny and nice, some of the time, and we have really only been hanging out a week and a couple of days, but something is off.

I understand now he is stressed about some things, and the stress will be short-lived, but him acting like a jerk to me is pissing me off.

He apologizes for it, but the behavior doesn’t change.

He also carries some baggage as he recently got out of a 2 year relationship just a couple of months ago. I didn’t know it’d only been that short of a time period.

I don’t know. We don’t really have much in common either. He listens to country, I listen to rock and hip-hop. He likes playing video games, I don’t. I like to go out and do things, he’d rather relax in home. He likes movies like Robocop and Ninja Turtles, and I like stuff like The Labyrinth and Sex Tape — which I am so watching today. It better be as funny as it seems. (Please, if you’ve seen it, don’t tell me.)

And I am not saying I dislike Robocop or Ninja Turtles, I like them both, but where as I am willing to watch them with him, he won’t budge to watch a film I’d like to watch with me.

He believes I think too much, I think he thinks too little. What was cute with him before, such as the lack of understanding of my vocabulary, is now becoming a hindrance.

He has a 6th grade education, I have an associates. I plan on going into Pharmacy school, I don’t know his plans really.


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Still Learning Bloglovin’.

Wtf Bloglovin??

That is how I feel right now. I logged into the site for the first time since I first signed up and started following people.

Apparently you can save posts and they will show up in your friends’ feeds.

I didn’t know this. I saw a post with my friend’s name on it so I thought it was his post. I read the whole thing, disregarded the comments because I thought he was posting on his old blog….


So I commented a crazy comment on a post he’d SAVED for whatever reason not realizing it wasn’t his post at all, but this girl that he follows — which by the post, she’s really funny — and now I look like this crazy, slightly deranged person commenting gibberish on a blog I know nothing about.

THANK YOU, BLOGLOVIN’ — You really know how to treat the half-awake/half-dead morning person.

Inside the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

If you know me at all — which you don’t — you know one of my all-time favorite films is the Labyrinth. It came out the year I was born and my mom being a big David Bowie fan made sure she had the movie.

Growing up, I was pretty close to resembling Jennifer Connelly’s personality traits of the character she played in the film, Sarah. Rarely did I find much of life to be fair and I made that pretty well known.

If you don’t know the film, it was produced by George Lucas who I think is known for a few other things (wink) and directed by Jim Henson of the Muppets. It’s about a girl named Sarah who is tired of the obligations her baby brother and parents put on her. She wishes him away to the Goblin King, played by David Bowie, then suddenly regrets it because she didn’t know he really existed.

If you didn’t know her you’d think she was on some serious LSD, but no she just has a very vivid imagination.

Now that you have an idea, I am going to share with you what I feel would happen to me if I was in Sarah’s shoes.


One: I think I would fall desperately for the Goblin King. What baby brother? I shouldn’t have put this gif up, I’m getting so distracted.

Two: Sarah has a problem always forgetting the last line of the book on what the character says to the Goblin King. The line is, “You have no power over me.” I’d forget how to speak if I faced a man that much in love with me even if he was doing something that I didn’t really want, but thought I wanted.


This line is actually my text notification on my phone. I am that enchanted by the movie.

Three: Ok Ok Ok FINE. I would save my baby brother, but damn. He would’ve made a cute goblin.


I admit, I get sad every time she remembers the line, “You have no power over me.” The Goblin King wasn’t wishing to be cruel, he was only granting her wish and then was kind enough to give her time to turn it around if she so chose to.

I love the film so much that I think I am going to watch it now.

Post inspired by The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt.