As She Dreams in Digital

I have the opportunity of a lifetime. Well, for those who dream of web design/development and code all day long.

I am learning the basics of the programming languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, etc, etc. Then I am going to be apprenticing with my sister’s friend who owns her own company for web development and marketing (she wears many hats and they are all pretty rad) who as soon as she is finished mentoring me, will hire me on as a programmer. I don’t know if that convoluted sentence back there made much sense, but I am too freaking excited to give a damn.

If you’re wondering where I’ll be learning my basics from, it’s If you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s $37.50 a month and their tutorial library is so extensive that even the word extensive can’t even begin to cover it. It’s such a great site that she, the girl with many hats, keeps an account open with them because as one with a clue about programming knows, it’s always evolving.

By the way, Lynda doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall so my claims on the site are truly my own. I just think it’s that fantastic. I’ve been glued to it since Saturday and I’m looking forward to tackling some more courses as soon as I finish this post.

I’m going to have a career, y’all!!



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Millennials: A Different Generation


I was combing through the Freshly Pressed articles and I was reading one on Unfriending My Ex. I really was kinda skimming it since it was long and I have the attention span of a hyperactive 3-year-old sometimes. Well I scrolled to the comments and there was only one:


Does that offend me? A bit. Is it true that we are fascinated with ourselves? Maybe. Should it not be so? I don’t believe so. I don’t think it’s inherently wrong to be a little fascinated with oneself. It’s why I blog, to be honest. Out in the world, I am caring, selfless and a good problem solver for my friends and family. Here I am self-involved, a tad narcissistic and yes, thoroughly fascinated by my thoughts, opinions and emotions. I have Limp Bizkit‘s song in my head:

so go ahead and talk shit, talk shit about me, go ahead and talk shit about my generation ’cause we don’t,
don’t give a fuck and we won’t ever give a fuck until you, you give a fuck about me and my generation…

So, Mr. Enidias, all I have to say is bite me.

Maybe Someday Someone Will Call Me Mom

Life is funny. I always thought I’d be so sure that I would remain childfree. Until last night, and maybe a little previous to that if we’re being honest.

You know when you have the talk with your partner on what would happen if there were to be an “oopsie” — unplanned pregnancy — and they tell you that they wouldn’t be disappointed in the least if it were to happen, the gears in your head kinda start turning. Or, well, they did for me.

I don’t quite remember how we got on the topic again, but we did and it went from not being disappointed to actually being happy if it did and that shocked me hearing that from him because he was very deliberate not long ago on telling me that he for sure didn’t want to be a parent. And I was very deliberate with him on how I wasn’t planning to ever be one either.

We even talked about names last night and HE asked ME about names, so it’s not like I’m all up on him for having a child.

We also discussed when would be an appropriate time to procreate and decided it would be best after I finished school and we are married and settled into our life together.

Now this is not in stone, I would love to have a child with him one day, but as we know — we all make plans and God laughs. Anything could happen. I just never felt like wanting to have a child with anyone else and neither has he so this is new. And weird. And ironically fun to talk about.

Telling It Like It Is

I’m not one to fake it. So to speak. I guess I am not one to always show my best side and act online like all is well in the world of Sarah. That shit’s for Facebook — where I more than likely share memes and check-ins than actual life events or even pictures. Here on this blog, I am unabashedly myself and I have a confession.

I am not only afraid of going back to work, I don’t like it. Even though I am choosing to be childfree, I always wondered what it would be like to be a domestic engineer. Well, always as in the last three years that I haven’t been at work.

Things I don’t mind about working:

  1. Making money
  2. Being on time
  3. Working with people
  4. Putting in overtime
  5. Doing my best

Things I do mind:

  1. Not making enough money
  2. Having a job I truly dislike
  3. Bosses who micromanage
  4. Having my work critiqued
  5. Interviews
  6. Being the new kid on the block

I think there are a lot of people who can agree with me on these points so I know I am not alone.

Besides this: I have a new plan (are we really shocked?) and that is to go to work while I do 911 Telecommunicator Academy. I think I’d rock being a 911 dispatcher/call taker/operator/whatever they call it in your neck of the woods. It’s not 85+ grand a year, but it’s decent (33k – 66k) and not as many hours per week as the previous idea. Where I will work for now is hopefully Best Buy… I love gadgets. I just need to redo my app because the assessment didn’t work right.

Because it Would be Our Little Oops

Guy and I decided on the 17th that yesterday would be a great day to… well I don’t want to call it making love because that just sounds corny to me, but it was more than just a little harmless sex. Whatever. We decided to do it. I know, I know. I am always so classy.

Well as we were in the car headed to Tropical Smoothie, I brought up that since we were making such a decision that we should have “the talk”. I know, I am so mature I get beside myself sometimes. & you know the talk, the one about “What if Sarah gets knocked up?”

He was very open to this talk which I’m not all too surprised because he is a pretty open guy, we have discussed and will continue to discuss many things. For that, I have no doubt. But what I was surprised at is that we came to the decision that if this were to happen by chance, we would keep the child.

If you’re not up to date, we want to stay childfree.

I am, I am truly a bit taken aback that he would want that if it happened. We plan on being very smart and careful, but you never know. Never say never. I learned that all too well.

He had asked me, “Would you get an abortion?” and I said I didn’t know, but in my heart I know I couldn’t make that choice. He came back with saying he thought something like that (abortions) should really only be done if it was a rape baby or incest. I think it’s a personal choice, but it’s just not my choice.

It just feels really good to know that if we got ourselves in that predicament, he wouldn’t run off or try to force me to do away with the child.


Conspiracy Theories, Like the Bible, Make Me ill

So I have come upon a new discovery. Conspiracy theories bring on headaches and stomach upset when I hear about them, and even when I am researching (Googling) sites to debunk them.

I don’t like CTs or PCTs (Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists) and unabashedly I am going to admit, I dislike the stories in the Bible. And that should be OK because I Love Love Love Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations and I know there are people out there, like my mom, who cannot stand the story. Or the author for that matter.

I think it just goes against my grain and that’s why I get these physical symptoms. And I wouldn’t like to believe I am close-minded, I don’t think anyone wants to think that of themselves, but when things don’t seem logical, I don’t like them.

But I am not saying the Bible is not logical, as not all stories were to be literal in those days, they told fables to teach lessons and guide a way of life so to me the Bible is just that. Jonah wasn’t really swallowed by a whale, sorry to burst any bubbles.

The conspiracy theory that I’m looking to debunk with my sister (who believes it) is about this New World Order Illuminati *bullshit*.

devil horns with one eye covered.

devil horns with one eye covered.

That’s the one and only example I will give, but apparently all the stars have thrown different symbols out that represent this secret society of devil worshippers who want to overthrow how the government works… or something. As I said, this shit gives me a headache so I am only going by what I have been told. From PCTs. It’s even been “proven” that political parties are involved like former President George W. Bush.

Now I am not saying every Conspiracy Theory is false and can’t possibly be based on any truth (or am I?), but some of them seem a little sheisty — or a lot sheisty — to me.

It seems the middle class blames the rich and the rich blame the poor. Because only the rich like stars such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, etc. and high politicians and financial backers and the like are being accused of such treachery. 

These devil horns have always been a sign to rock on. You throw them up in concerts and shit, but what the fuck do I know?